Tablescape 101

When it comes to design, I struggle with detail. Large furniture choices and placement — no problem. Knick knack, display shelves, tablescapes — forget it. I like things a bit more sparse I guess. But over one’s life, one collects a fair amount of items that either have sentimental meaning or add a splash of personality here and there. For us, we have so many windows in our house that a solid wall to hang artwork is nearly nonexistent. We have a buffet and an antique burled wood table in the dining room and living room that have been assigned tables cape duty.
Shells and rocks collected by my guys are every-changing in their display.
There’s really no rhyme or reason to the things on this buffet!
Every once in awhile, I am seized by an overwhelming need to bring home something quirky from a flea market or junk show. Last year at Farm Chicks, I brought home this little gem that I named Lachlan in honor of my neighboring vendor that I bought him from.
There was just something about this ratty little guy that I found compelling.
It was almost like he was SO bad he was cool. My mom doesn’t agree.

Now as much as I try to be deliberate about the things displayed here, it is admittedly haphazard and always changing. But this morning as I was working on the computer right next to the buffet I noticed something. It was something I didn’t put there.

Can’t robots and dinosaurs just get along?
I wonder who’s winning.
It might be a pretty close match.

I think the reason these guys prompted me to write this post is that I know there are only a few more years of sweet surprises like this left. As much as my house is a constant swirling disaster left in the wake of busy, messy boys . . . every once in awhile I take pause and appreciated this time in my life. I am loving this age of my guys so much — much, much more than I ever thought I would.

Now, just wait and see. I’ll snap out of my happy stupor as soon as I get a call from a frustrated teacher or protective parent or trail of mud winding its way through the house. But for now while the house is quiet and I have the luxury of time to myself, I am grateful for little reminders on a tabletop.

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