Anticipating Summer

image found at fleaingfrance.tumblr
As I write this post, there is a fine and steady drizzle that makes the leaves and grass blades twitch outside my window. The lake has a thick glob of fog over it like a sort of gigantic whipped topping. The house is quiet and I am desperately trying to avoid cleaning up the kitchen for the 4th time in 24 hours.

As much as it’s tempting to feel a little gloomy on a day like this, I almost feel more of a sense of renewal. This rain is cleansing the palate for the entree to come in a sense. That’s how most of us in the Pacific NorthWest feel about this time of year. In fact, I was daring myself yesterday to not use the heat in the house from May 1 until next fall.

We were dabbling a bit in the yard yesterday which prompted me to ask my husband if he thought it was possible to have one section of our landscape that could be complete enough by summer to use as an extension of the house. In the summertime I eat nearly every meal outside — because I can! (usually — last summer was an exception…) But there’s something a bit disappointing with trying to enjoy lunch in a beat up $8.99 fold up camping chair from the drug store.

I do have a cute little bistro set on a section of brick walkway that comes close to the vision in my mind, but honestly, it’s not all that comfortable — and it only seats 2. No, I dream of an enchanting courtyard. I have a Pinterest board dedicated to this little dream. Here are some of my favorites.

via apartment therapy

Last summer I remember thinking it would’ve been nice to tackle projects in the springtime so that we could simply maintain and enjoy the yard in the summer. With May and June in sight, I think it’s possible to isolate one part of the yard at least. That’s the hope anyway. My husband DID say he thought it was possible too — which bodes well for my little dream. Bring on the sunshine!


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