Mona Lisa and the Entryway Update

Yesterday I was able to make a little progress on the entryway. Still no baseboard or door trim, but we can all overlook that right? Over the weekend, Owen’s Mona Lisa portrait came home from the gallery. It just now occurred to me that I never posted about that! Ok, real quick —

Owen is my 8 year old artist. Over the summer, when he was 7, he participated in a large canvas art camp with his regular teacher James of Bellingham Visual Art Studio. He was the only kid in the class so he was able to accomplish quite a bit. He chose to paint his version of DaVinci’s Mona Lisa. The canvas was almost as big as he was!

About a month later, I read about a call for artists aged 7 – 19 for a month-long exhibition at a gallery in Tacoma. I submitted 3 of Owen’s works for consideration and heard back in September that his Mona Lisa was chosen! I think I was more excited than he was. Turns out they received hundreds of submissions from all over the world and 75 were chosen for the show. What an honor!
At the opening reception, Owen stood next to his painting and educated passers-by on his process and answered questions from people of all ages. To say he was in his element is a huge understatement!

The show was a hit, the run was extended and now digital prints of all the works will travel around to participating hospitals this year. In addition, a book of all the works will be published. Owen will receive a percentage of sales of any prints sold so potentially he could already be earning money to save for college or art school or whatever. If you are interested in purchasing a print, you can contact the Gary Boone at B2 Fine Art Gallery
So Mona came home and we needed to show her off prominently. As I posted a few weeks ago, our entryway was on my to-do list and Mona helped me get started.
I plan to go all out with the gallery vibe here. Kind of excited about it really. Let’s see if I can keep up my momentum over the Christmas break. Thanks for dropping by and if you know of any art lovers, feel free to share about Owen. He’d like to paint his version of American Gothic next!

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