Feeling Like My Old Self

Like a lot of people, I’m sure, this time of year is my favorite. I love everything about it — the decorating included. When I was in my early 20’s my cousins and I jumped at the chance to decorate my grandparents’ 10 bedroom, 5 bathroom house. All of it. Year after year. We’d cut fresh evergreen boughs making sure every windowsill and doorway was Christmas-tinged. I savored the long, quiet days leading up to our family’s gathering and marathon game nights. In fact one year I proudly completed all of my Christmas shopping by November 11th so that I could enjoy the peace of the season.

But then life changed, babies happened, major life struggles happened, financial stress happened and I just didn’t feel like celebrating. It felt like too much work. In fact in the past 7 or 8 years, there were several seasons where I didn’t put up one single decoration. No tree, even.

This year is different.

I can’t really put my finger on why, exactly. There are still financial struggles, still life changes, still events that knock the wind out of you. Yet it’s strange how a few twinkling lights and glass bulbs can smile at you, put their arms around you.

Inspired by my own Scandinavian heritage and the many cool Swedish/Norwegian blogs I read daily, I’ve gone back to a simple decorating approach this year. We all decorated as a family this year and it’s just the right amount of cheer for us. The “main” Christmas tree was 100% trimmed by the little boys and I’m leaving it as is. So what if all the ornaments are clumped together at the bottom!

How many of you have a giant, ongoing puzzle this time of year?
We harvested several evergreen starts that were growing where they shouldn’t. For now they rest in these galvanized pails and will get transplanted in better spots after Christmas.
My grandma gave me a few Christmas things when she downsized last year. One of my favorites is this wood and pinecone wreath. See the little birds?
Aww, what a face.
It’s like the wreath was made to fit around this pail.
Here’s another woodsy addition. The red candle holder (sans candles) was a recent Swedish addition from my grandma.
My older son started a nutcracker collection. This one’s his favorite. The other guy collects snowmen — can you tell?
Slowing down this year means the kids can help with the gifts we are making.
Any idea what gift this is going to be???

I’m so ahead of the game this year that even my kids’ teachers will get a gift! But seriously folks, I am glad I’m feeling more like my old self and that my happy, sparkly home reminds me each day to enjoy the small moments. Here’s wishing you a peaceful and contented season!


5 thoughts on “Feeling Like My Old Self

  1. Funky Junk Antique Show says:

    So love what you did! And so glad you are able to decorate…I find that my decorating ability goes hand in hand with how I am feeling too!! Finally decorating again this year; last year we were lucky we got the tree up=)Hollie

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