Best Laid Plans

Last week on my Facebook Page, I reported that my plan was to post some more items in my Etsy shop, try out some freezer paper stencils, and plan a picture gallery wall for my entryway. But first, more coffee.

To update . . . I did have more coffee (quite a bit, as usual), I did post more items to the Etsy shop, I did try out some freezer paper stencils (they worked fab!) but I did not plan out my picture gallery wall. So three out of four isn’t too bad I guess.

Etsy update: I’m slowly adding things. Man that process takes time! Here’s what made it last week.

Check out my Etsy shop for more details on anything that piques your interest!
I didn’t make anything I can brag about when trying out my freezer paper stencils but I will say that the process is quite easy and I can see getting into it. In fact I plan to try out an idea or two again today. With chevrons on the brain lately, this is what I stenciled:

It’s just an oversized zippered pouch. Not sure what I’ll use it for, but I’m really happy with the stencil. What do you think? Ever heard of freezer paper stencils before? Think I should post a tutorial here?

Up next — gallery wall. Currently this is what my poor little entryway looks like.

Scott decided to start over with door and baseboard trim (over a year ago) and it’s a point of contention between us. So while he’s deciding what to replace it with, I feel the need to make SOME kind of progress. Here are some inspiration pics from my new best friend, Pinterest:

I had planned to knock off a couple of DIY Christmas gifts today but having posted these gallery photos, now I’m not so sure. I’ll let you know what I decide.

Finally, when I think of coffee, I think of my friend Megan who sells coffee — but not just any coffee. It’s coffee that makes a difference. Visit her at Rethink Coffee to learn more and be inspired.

Thanks for popping by today and I hope to catch you again soon!

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