Unseen Ingenuity

This summer I’ve been picking away at an awesome midcentury modern sofa that we found on Craigslist last spring FOR FREE! As excited as I tend to get at these kinds of prospects, I can always count on 3 things accompanying such finds: #1. They always take WAY longer than anticipated #2. They harbor some sort of structural defect #3. I ALWAYS run short on fabric!!

I moved back to my home workshop in June. (Garage is currently being insulated and heated so I can work year round) With kids being home, I couldn’t swing a downtown studio AND childcare, so back home I went. Anyhoo, when I moved everything back here, I set up the sofa on the sawhorses because I truly thought I’d have the project completed inside a week. That was June — it’s now mid-August.

Nothing like a fleshy colored, lumpy sofa eh?

Once inside this tank, we discovered the springs were in pretty good shape . . . except for 3 of them. Two still had all the hardware required to repair them but one wasn’t so fortunate.  A trip to my upholstery supplier and online search yielded only half of what I needed to replace the spring clip. This is where good ole ingenuity came into play. Props to my husband for this one.

One of these hanger clips was missing. Scott channeled his inner McGuyver and came up with this brilliant solution:
These hangers were similar enough to be tweaked into this:
No one will ever know.

We’ve come, now, to the fabric portion of the show. Will I ever learn?? To be fair, I’d had this oversized houndstooth check chenille for quite some time. I bought the last of the yardage at an incredible discount but thought in my mind I had 10 yards. Turns out, I only had 4. Hmmm. So I had to pull out the old mix and match trick again. You’d be surprised at how hard brown is to match!

You may have also noticed, I couldn’t leave well enough alone and I ditched the loose cushions in favor of an attached seat. It’s much neater in my opinion. Initially, I had planned to redo this and sell it, but I really like it and it goes with my current vibe. Occupational hazard!


3 thoughts on “Unseen Ingenuity

  1. Good Time Charlie says:

    Oh i love it so much. Good choice on the non-loose cushions, just another place for kids food to his, then have to lift up and vac under. The finished product looks fantastic. How fun to have this big old sofa and know you did it yourself! I am really digging that oversize houndstooth fabric. That is great your husband was able to make the repairs. I like the sneak peak of his flip flops from under the couch frame too.

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