I’m A-Pickin’ (and I’m A-Grinnin’)

I had a little time on Tuesday to do some pickin’ at one of my favorite junk spots. Came home with these two gems:

As I gather my inventory for my next junk show, these guys are hanging out in my newly organized/cleaned out/ staged pumphouse. It’s technically my home office. My dad is supposed to be coming to stay for a bit, so I spent the weekend getting it ready for its first actual guest. I’ve always thought if it had a bathroom, it could be a sweet little rental for a college kid or nanny ; ) 
As with most of our projects, there are still a few things to be done but this is the most complete of anything on our property!
This is the back view. The front still needs some work!

Side view of my late grandpa’s bike. He rode it every day.
From the front door.

The floral chair is from my grandma. I’ve coveted it since I was a teenager.

The cushion is filled with down and is losing all its feathers. Another project for me.

I just love that I can have a “conference table” in the little space. Or we could have an intimate dinner party for 4.

I’m glad this space is getting used for more than just extra storage finally. It’s amazing what happens when you take the time to find a place for everything. There’s something about organizing that really fills me up. Secretly, I’d like to stay here myself. I might just have to settle for a few stolen moments throughout the day. Afternoon tea might be a good place to start.


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