A Lazy Monday in Summerland

First of all I’m a bit embarrassed I haven’t posted anything since April.



Well, now it’s July — my birthday month. More specifically, this is my birthday week which culminates on Friday my actual birthday. No real plans really, but I do have something to give to you all. It’s a brand new Summerland Style website and blog with regularly scheduled content. I know, I know . . . you’re all a-twitter with excitement. ; )

But really, I have been working on a branding revamp and have been thinking long and hard about what exactly Summerland Style is. I’m guest posting this Friday on my friend, Karen’s blog. I’ll share a brief recap of how my furniture style has evolved and allude to a memory I recently recalled and how it’s helped to shape the vision for my company.

I’ve just spent the last little bit outside at home while my kids are at a parkour camp capturing on my iPhone what surrounds me every day.

I just discovered this wild rose growing along my driveway. The deer aren’t eating it for some reason!

This pretty blossom signals blackberry season is nearly here.

Salmonberries! My son, Tate’s, favorite snack this time of year.

I managed to capture this busy bee at work.

Don’t these scenes seem idyllic? These are the little glimpses that we look back on in the future and remember for their perfect simplicity. At least I do. I love that I can walk out my door, see these sights and hear the sounds of life on a little lake in the Pacific Northwest. I am grateful for it.

Officially, I plan to launch the redesign in September. So I’d better get to work putting everything together for you. I hope you’re all able to enjoy a bit of Summerland Style in your world today.


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