A Junk Slam Dunk

Sometimes, you just have to ask. After weeks of driving by a sign company and seeing their “bone yard” of old signage just piling up in a corner of the parking lot, I finally stopped in. I had heard stories from other junkers of businesses not being cooperative with people like us who have the audacity to ask for stuff for free. Even though perfectly good “junk” would be headed straight for the dump, they still bristle at the idea of someone else profiting off of their stuff. So when I stopped in at the sign company I didn’t know what to expect.

“Hi there!” I said to the guy. “I make furniture and home decor and I use primarily salvage materials. I see you have a bone yard out there and was curious what your policy is with that?”

He looked at me for a second with his mouth open a bit — searching for a response. Before he could say anything, I added, “You probably get lots of people wanting that kind of stuff, huh?”

“No!” He said. “We NEED to get rid of that stuff. Hold on, let me get someone from the warehouse and you guys can talk.”

He all but scurried to the back, excited that their storage problem might be alleviated.

The older gentleman who came out to meet me was obviously perplexed by what I saw in this stuff but let me load it all up anyway. I gave him my card and said he could call me anytime they were about to haul stuff to the dump. And that, folks, is how it works in this weird world of junking. I love it!

I haven’t tried to figure out what it used to say. Anyone?

I started the morning off on a good junking note. Craigslist produced this little gem:

This is a really unique shape which is what drew me to it. I look at hundreds of free or cheap furniture candidates a week, probably. Right now, I’ve restricted myself to chairs — no more love seats or sofas. I have several awaiting my attention as it is. Now to find the perfect pattern. I’m thinking LARGE on this one. I’ve got a few ideas already.

I’d also like to report that I’ve started on my office wall mural. Unveiling is looking like it’s not too far off. 


8 thoughts on “A Junk Slam Dunk

  1. Junebug Furniture and Design says:

    You lucky girl! Love the letters and very sweet chair.We found a sign in hillyard last spring, only the last word was still hanging on, it read CAR, Celia went inside to talk to the owner, and I stayed with the posse (kids) outside. When she can out with a very long face, the owner told her it was used in the Benny & June movie filmed in Spokane…he wanted $200. This year the sign lays on the ground in pieces. So sad.Glad & Celia

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