I don’t know what it is lately, but I feel stretched in a hundred different directions and can’t focus to save my life. Anyone else? It seems I am in a constant state of weeding and whittling — weeding out distractions and whittling down my responsibilities — in order to find and maintain balance. I think that’s ultimately a good thing, but it’s hard to gauge your effectiveness when things are still up in the air. So here’s where things stand in Summerland:

Priority #1 Family.

I finally signed up Owen for an art class. His first project was a paper mache wolf mask (it’s still drying). This photo is of the portrait he painted for his grandpa’s 75th birthday in January. The boy loves to paint. It’s so cute to hear him clarify to people that this one was done with acrylics — not watercolor and then wonder out loud about what painting with oils would be like.
As much as Owen eats, breathes, sleeps art — big brother Tate loves to eat and eats to live. This afternoon, while O was at art class, I took Tate out to his favorite Asian Bistro so he could order some raw octopus. That’s right folks — tentacles and all! I love it! 
Scott and I are in a really good place too. We had a blast a few weekends ago when Grandma and Grandpa had the boys and we had the day in Seattle to ourselves. I realize how lucky I am to have a husband that makes me laugh every day. He’s one of the good ones.
Priority #2 Health:
We’ve started getting an organic produce delivery. It’s mouth-watering fun each week we take the lid off the bin and see what deliciousness has been delivered. Knock on wood, but we’ve completely avoided the flu that’s been rampant all winter long around here. My husband is convinced it’s because we’ve converted our diet and have completely cut out fast food and 90% of processed foods. I’m down 15 lbs. too having gone gluten free. Never thought I’d be high school weight again while staring down the barrel of 40!
Tate and I are also training to run a 5K in May. I’ve always wanted to be a runner so I’m making it happen. Tate loves the one on one time with me too. I’m making sure to soak it all in now before the teenage years come knockin.
Priority # 3 Balanced Work Life:
Ok, ok. I’ve said this before and I’ve fallen off the wagon — BUT — Seriously I’m not taking any more custom work! Working on a client’s schedule, rush deadlines, and discovering midway through that a client just might be a little crazy — well, it’s too much for my nerves. So as of this writing, I am midway through three final projects before I can pull the trigger on production of Summerland Style’s first soft goods collection. 
That’s it for now. Not too bad for three months into 2011. Tomorrow I may make some progress on my office overhaul. I already bought some $3 paint at the RE Store so I’ll be donning my coveralls with my name embroidered in pink. Oh the stories those coveralls could tell — priming, painting, staining . . . everything but sanding ; ) Tomorrow they’ll get to be around some whittling. Till next time friends!

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