Before and After Plus A Glimpse

I’m wrapping up a big contract job (hopefully) this weekend and then I should have some wiggle room in my schedule to tackle some of my office overhaul projects. I’ve been forgetting to take before and after shots of my last several custom jobs but I managed to snap these pics of a wingback that I finished yesterday.

My friend, Sandi, was cleaning out a shed several months back and asked if I was interested in this wingback. I had it sitting in my workshop when a client came by, spotted it along with some of my favorite fabric and commissioned the chair for her husband’s office. This fabric may look familiar to some of you. I recovered a midcentury modern gondola style sofa in the same print last fall.

Blech! Being exposed to the elements means everything goes!
Ahhh! Fresh, clean, happy and bright.

Now, next up are some projects that I will redo to my liking and offer up for sale. I really wanted to challenge myself with a technique that I’ve been going over in my mind. Here’s a sneak peek:

I still have triangles on the brain, I guess.

I hope this isn’t giving too much away but this is the little chair I’m applying the triangle motif to:

Gosh I hope it works. In my mind it looks FABULOUS. I’ve also got a plan for all these goodies:

So if you need me in the next couple of months, you’ll know where to find me. Back to work!


9 thoughts on “Before and After Plus A Glimpse

  1. Bonnie says:

    If the headboard has a lot more staples in it than need be, I probably did it in my past life. I Did many headboards for interior designers in my day. Good luck with all your projects, you are getting better all the time! Bonnie

  2. Elizabeth Maxson says:

    Loving it, loving it! So glad you stopped by – gives me a day to click on my favorite sites and catch up…love all that you do. I am surprised I haven't seen you with fabric stapled to your forehead by now, you are one stapling fool! (In a good way!) You never stop amazing me…thank you for sharing your talent with us.Big hugElizabeth 🙂

  3. Lael says:

    Your work is beautiful, and those pieces that are waiting to be worked on look full of fun possibility! It was great to meet you at Pure Bliss and hear a bit of how you got into the business. Your talent is evident. Hopefully I will be seeing you in a workshop soon!

  4. Heidi says:

    Hi I am a New Follower. Love your style and Ideas. I love those beautiful pictures of Eye Candy of ideas for the office. Are you self taught (if you are it doesnt show:) How did you get into this? cOme visit

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