Office Overhaul

Summerland Style HQ is getting a makeover. My studio happens to be in an awesome old building with an insanely high barrel vaulted ceiling. Huge windows with a view of Mt. Baker (in Washington state) take center stage and the whole place is begging for an identity. Since I don’t have to compromise with anyone else on the decor, I’ve decided to do exactly what I want. My inspiration for it comes from an idea that I’ve been chewing on for awhile now. I have come to believe that who we are as children — say second or third grade — is who we truly are as adults. We spend middle school and high school being slapped around by hormones, peer pressure and general insecurity. Then our twenties are spent recovering from all of that. And by the time we’re in our thirties, the fog lifts and life experience reveals those qualities that we once were secure in as eight year olds. It’s a theory.

I can distinctly remember in second grade drawing triangle designs. It’s hard to explain, but they were very freeform and relaxing for me to create. I would then fill in the different sized and shaped triangles with a rainbow of colors. This exercise is the springboard for my current office overhaul. Triangle shapes are hot in design right now.

This is similar to what I used to draw.
This is fun too.
Yeah, this is what I’m talking about.

To round out my redesign, I also want a ginormous chalkboard,

an overly dramatic large gold mirror,

a crazy big chandelier above a girlie sofa,

a feminine desk that says “paperwork can be pretty too,”

and last but not least, a relaxing seating area so my friends will come and visit me while I work.

So there’s the inspiration. And now I must follow through!! I think I’ll start with the wall behind my desk. So stay tuned — my goal is to do one thing per day be it small or big. One of my small goals is to actually hook up my new printer that I’ve officially had over a year now. Feel free to send me suggestions of what you think every office needs. Wish me luck!!

6 thoughts on “Office Overhaul

  1. Good Time Charlie says:

    I am just seeing this post! I love it! I wish I worked near you so I could be inspired to do something with my "office" space too. I am going to send you a picture of something my son did recently, it looks like what you used as a sample! He is for hire if you can afford his 4th grade rates! For about $5 an hour, he is all yours. Seriously though, Let's talk chalkboard. Did you find a frame you like? I am inspired by all the ideas. It will be gorgeous.

  2. Linda Leyble says:

    Hi there – I just learned about you from Karen Berg (Good Time Charlie). I used to live in WA state – in Kirkland. Wish I lived near you now – I'm in New York (Long Island). I have relatives in Bellingham…it's such a gorgeous place. You office sounds terrific. I am in the midst of re-doing my office as well. So far I've done Venetian Plaster on the walls, bought a beautiful antique desk, a project table (which I faux finished) – and I lightened and antiqued a bookcase. I need to add a chalkboard (in a beautiful frame) and/or a burlap covered cork board (like Karen aka Good Time Charlie recently did on her blog), so I can corral all my notes and insprirations. I will show you pictures when I'm done. You've inspired me to keep going with it!

  3. Elizabeth Maxson says:

    Oh, how I love overhauling rooms! You don't need luck – you have the eye. You will just need the backbone! I can see it now – just wish I was there to help – love this kind of stuff. And you are right – I think we are who we are around the age you said. I remember redoing my bedroom every summer growing up. Then hormones take over, and social peer pressures, hair styes, and make-up takes over…Can't wait to see it!

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