Split Personality

I found myself thinking about two seemingly unrelated things this morning. In one moment I was recalling the sweet simplicity in one of the characters from a BBC series that I watched last night. (In Netflix terms I have been in the mood for Romantic British Movies Featuring a Strong Female Lead lately.)

And in the very next moment, I started thinking how cool it is that musician Jack White used to be an upholsterer. 
It’s not that I’m particularly a fan of Jack White’s music, but I admire most people who blaze trails and accomplish great things as a side effect of simply doing what they are passionate about. It’s a theme I keep coming back to especially in this competitive world of design. I have some pretty lofty goals for myself. But I have to remember that all the recognition and opportunities in the world are meaningless if there is no ability in the foundation. In short, I need to keep doing the work, sharpening my skills and striving for excellence in the little areas that no one ever sees. When my “big break” comes, I want to be secure in knowing that I can rise to the occasion.
So, for this year, one of my goals is to develop a product line including my own textiles. I’ve always felt that by using fabric someone else designed, my furniture isn’t truly my own. I’ve also found myself trying to first predict what my customers will buy and design my products based on that. Classic designer blunder. No more. I’ve got some of my own ideas that I aim to develop, bring to market and see how it unfolds. Worst case scenario is that nothing sells and I have a year’s worth of gifts to give to friends and family. Best case scenario is that my point of view will resonate with the buying public.
My plan is a little bit of 19th Century Britain meets Jack White. Or like this little gem I’m putting the finishing touches on. I’ve described this project as Marie Antoinette meets Gwen Stefani (same song, different verse):

 I’d love to hear what opposing aesthetics resonate with you. Is there any combination you’ve found yourself wondering about?


2 thoughts on “Split Personality

  1. Good Time Charlie says:

    Ooooo, I love this piece. I'm a little bit country, I'm a little bit rock n roll. No! Sorry, bad Donnie and Maria joke (leftover from watching this religiously as a child). I love the (very trendy) but so me look for mixing extremely formal pieces with something not much better than junk. This has always been my style, now everyone else seems to have copied it. I do love mixing Formal florals with contemporary plaids, Pierre Deux Toiles (when I can afford them) with contemporary checks and stripes. I can't wait to see what you come up with, I am sure it will be fabulous.

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