New Year’s Resolution

I know it’s been quiet on the homefront for quite awhile. I think I’ve been in “get it done” mode and haven’t been particularly inspired or together enough to blog or start any new, fabulous projects. A couple of days ago, however, I started feeling that creative spark again. It all started with an easel and a lousy Santa.

First off — Santa should never rely on Craigslist. That decision led to a “truth about Santa” conversation late on Christmas Eve so as to diminish the disappointment by a certain 7 year old in the morning. Turns out he was pretty blindsided and a certain 8 year old, although he played it cool at the time, really had no idea either. Earlier in the day, I had been rushing around town trying to replace the skis and drum set originally requested with something equally coveted at a fraction of the pricetag. Enter the locally owned art supply store. Owen had mentioned wanting an easel awhile back and I was able to assemble a great setup for him. As soon as the drum/ski disappointment wore off, he went right to work painting portraits of all of us.

This is me. He is particularly proud of his shading on this one.
Next up was dad. He was happy to see more hair represented on the page.
This is Owen’s self portrait.
This is brother Tate. At this point, it seemed Owen just dialed it in, but Tate likes it anyway.
I created a little gallery wall for him to hang his finished works on in the dining room. It’s working well so far.

So how does this translate into creative spark for me? Well, aside from trying my own hand at painting (which I’ve never really done before) it just kind of dawned on me that I could easily list several things I’d like to try. So as much as people mock new year’s resolutions, it’s perfect timing, really, to reenergize.  So I’m officially making my list:

1. Go rock climbing with Tate often, become certified to belay, finish our rock wall by his birthday in June.
2. Learn to sew! Take a class to understand patterns, start to design and sew my own clothes.
3. Continue to experiment with and enjoy gluten free cooking.
4. Take my vitamins and supplements EVERY DAY! A novel idea.
5. Follow through with design ideas at home and FINISH them.
6. Develop product line including textile designs.
7. Pay attention to my Etsy shop.
8. Grow more of our own food, eat as local and fresh as possible.

I’m sure more ideas will come to me but these are the ones I find myself coming back in my “in a perfect world” scenarios. What are you looking forward to in 2011?

P.S. Ok, one more gratuitous proud mom shot. Here’s my mom sitting for a portrait. I love the intense look on Owen’s face along with the candy cane. When he’s painting, he’s definitely in a zone and all sorts of grunts and affirmative uh-huh’s are in a constant swirl.


3 thoughts on “New Year’s Resolution

  1. Rowan says:

    Beautiful paintings, a talented lad there. Great list. I too am making mine. I will not be rock climbing but I will making clothes and populating my Etsy page. Happy New Year!

  2. Good Time Charlie says:

    I am so impressed at the creativity here. Is this the same son who designed the restaurant shirts? When he grows up, send him down here, I could use an assistant, Travis wears out of steam, and when the neighborhood gang of boys show up, all work stops for him.

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