The Gondola

It usually happens once in a blue moon — when a client is brave enough to try something FANTASTIC that I’m 100% in agreement with. My latest project definitely fell into this category. Here’s the backstory:

I got a call from a lady who had just bought a vintage mid century modern sofa and I had been recommended to her to reupholster it. When she sent over the “before” picture, I was simultaneously grossed out (as a designer), excited (to work some magic) and just plain sad for the little sofa. The current upholstery wasn’t dirty or scary like some of my recent projects. It was just wrong. See what I mean:

Here we have a classic gondola style sofa still sporting most of its original gold velvet upholstery, but somewhere along the way — probably in the 80’s — someone had attempted an “update”. Not only did that someone choose denim for the cushions, but they also thought it would be a good idea to add . . .

. . . a ruffle.  Now, when my client was choosing fabrics to update this classic, we looked at the usual suspects — solid velvets, mid century prints, safe colors. And then she spied it. I had 9 yards of a stunning, raised velvet, bold, floral print on a linen background that another client had changed their mind about. I kept it, thinking I would do something fabulous with it because I loved it so much. We rolled it out, petted it, stood back and admired it — and then she went home. A few days later she called saying she couldn’t stop thinking about that print and that she had a vision for how it would look on her sofa. We found a green velvet to tame the look a bit and it happened to match the green in the print PERFECTLY! Drum roll please . . . 

I was so excited about how this little gem turned out that I described it to my client as “delicious beyond words”. She really liked that. We delivered it today and it is the standout feature in an otherwise classic, historic, victorian era home. She’s even thinking about having a little party to celebrate the gondola’s transformation. If she does, I’m there. Dream client, dream project, dream fabric. Doesn’t get much better than that.


5 thoughts on “The Gondola

  1. Good Time Charlie says:

    Nia!!! I LOVE IT! I have been wondering when we would see this completed project. Wow, what a transformation, but seriously I could not get over someone putting Denim cushions on it, with a Ruffle???? What a fun project! PS Happy Halloween

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