Playing Hookey

My little guy, Owen, woke up this morning complaining of a sore throat. Since I myself haven’t felt 100% for several days, it didn’t take much to convince me to keep him home. I got to catch up on laundry and get myself organized for this week’s projects as well as next week’s. Some of you may also recall that Owen is our little artist. Like most artists, he has periods that reflect a different style or subject matter. Lately he’s been drawing logos or brand identities (his graphic designer dad is so proud). Last night while at our favorite pizza place, La Fiamma, (where kids eat free on Tuesdays) he noticed the t-shirts they have for sale there. They sport a simple graphic drawn in the universal person symbol style of someone throwing dough in the air. Since Owen and his friends have been playing “restaurant” during free choice time in school, he came home and drew his own version of the shirt so that he could look the part the next time they played.

So since we had a beautiful day together and we are both only marginally sick, we made kind of a fun day out of it. He drew a couple more restaurant logos this morning and we took them into town to get iron-on transfers made. So here is the original, La Fiamma inspired logo:

 I should probably tell you that up until last night Owen’s future plans revolved around opening a seafood restaurant since he loves fishing so much. Now it seems that he plans to morph the seafood and the pizza. Mmmmmmm . . . fish and pizza . . .

Owen caught the restaurant ownership bug from his big brother, Tate, who has always LOVED good food. Tate has planned to own a restaurant for several years now which he plans to call Tater’s. It’s based on his favorite restaurant in town, Boomers, which is an old fashioned drive up burger joint. I asked Owen this morning if he had an idea for a Tater’s logo. This is what we made for big brother today:

The iron-on didn’t transfer as well as the others, but we’re both hoping Tate loves his shirt. I think today will be one of those “remember when” type days for my little guy and me. He’s riding high and I’m a proud mama. Owen also drew 3 pictures of the guys who throw the dough at La Fiamma which we delivered to the restaurant this morning. Maybe the next time we go in we’ll see his artwork on their walls! That would be cool.


4 thoughts on “Playing Hookey

  1. Toni Sims says:

    Awww, what a fun memory for you and Owen….. YOU are an awesome Mom! Way to encourage his God given talents and show how an idea goes from concept to finished product. Very nice.

  2. Ormolulu says:

    The encouragement you give your boys will help them evolve . . . no matter HOW MANY times they change their minds in the years ahead! You keep them thinking, active and inspired . . . great mom that you are!!~ Debi

  3. Good Time Charlie says:

    This post made me smile. What a great memory you made today! I love it. When Tate wants some help in the restaurant business, you can call me. I grew up in that industry and it took all four of my siblings and I many years to actually break free of it and do something else with our lives! Not that restaurant business is a bad thing…..Hope you all feel better.

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