Good Luck Dawn!

Some friends of mine in the junking world will be heading down to Nipomo, California this weekend to sell at the Remnants of the Past vintage show. I’ve heard about this show for quite some time and now, knowing the caliber of vendors that get invited — I’m dying to check it out in person! That will have to wait for another time, however.

I did want to send my friend Dawn an extra special good luck wish. This will be her first time participating and I have somewhat of a vested interest. I gave her a little tutorial on how to retie upholstery springs for this settee that she is planning to revamp and take to the show. We spent a lot more time than we anticipated on it, but boy will it be worth it in the end! I can’t wait for her to come back with pics of her booth. They will undoubtedly be delicious!

Here’s her in action and the mess of springs that we had to start with:

Dawn is a personal style icon for me. Not only does she have easy, natural, elegant style in every molecule, she is one of the most genuine, magnetic ladies I know.

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