How To Stay Grounded

I’m the first to admit that I have to monitor my narcissism on a regular basis. It’s tough to find that balance of promoting/advertising my business and making sure that I’m not always talking about myself to people who aren’t really interested in my company. Sorta difficult to do with a blog since it is, in essence, a vehicle to talk about MY life. But you’ve read this far, so maybe you’re a little bit interested in what I do.

Well, today I discovered how to stay grounded. Share something that you think is cool with your kids.

A couple of fun little things happened today and I couldn’t share them with my husband since he is away on a kayak trip, out of cell range. After my little guys got off the bus and into the van after school today, I decided I would share my fun news with them. Here’s how it went down:

Me: “So guys, a couple of neat things happened today.”
Kids: “Really? What?”
Me: “Well, first, remember that contest I entered and I made the top 100? They are featuring my contest entry on their website today. So anyone in the whole world who looks at that website will see my photo and a link to my website.”
Kids: “Uh huh.”
Me: “And the other thing is that I met this guy today who used to be a producer on a really popular tv show in the 1990’s. He’s planning to make these special cushions and wants me to make a few for the tv commercials that they’re shooting next week. What do you think of that?”
Owen: “Mom? I know sign language.”
Tate (a bit more on track): “Do we still have the kind of tv they used in the 1900’s?”

Anyway, I did meet a big shot television producer today and I will be working with him and I think it’s cool. And since this isn’t my normal sort of post, I’ll end it with some cute kid pics. They may be outgrowing their britches but they certainly won’t let me get too big for mine ; )


4 thoughts on “How To Stay Grounded

  1. AuroraSuzette says:

    Hey, I always say if you can't use your kids to promote yourself, what did we have them for, right? TV..good news and you have beautiful kids! And, weighing in on last made it to top 100!!! Wow.

  2. Good Time Charlie says:

    I am laughing at this post! Last night I finally finished some "free to me" chairs that have had several different colors of paint….finally they are done. I did a little dance in my family room and made my family comment over and over again at how good they looked. Finally my son, exasperated says, "Mom, it is just a piece of furniture, big deal!" My husband very kindly told him that when he brings home a good grade on a project he did and is very proud, Mom makes a big deal about it, well this was Mom's version of the good grade. Way cool on meeting Mr. Big Time Producer! Good things are coming for you. Should I be watching out for you on HGTV??????

  3. Summerland Style says:

    Karen — he isn't an HGTV-type producer. He's old school, big budget production guy. I just really enjoyed the fact that he was so unassuming, approachable, funny. We had several things in common too, so that was fun. I love days like yesterday where things happen that you just can't script!Aurora — trust me, I'm trying to learn how to exploit my kids' good qualities!! Ha! Be sure to introduce yourself the next time you see me. I know you're in my junk circles. I'll be at Ruffles & Rust and the Nov. 2nd Saturdayz.

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