Latest Projects:

I spent pretty much all summer trying to clear my plate of clients’ jobs so that I could focus on my own inventory. After this week, I will have succeeded (and then a week after that, we’re back in the fall routine!). Ah, such is life. While some of you are still deciding which workshop to take (hint, hint) I thought I would inspire you with the latest I’ve worked on for one of my clients.

This sad little wobbly bench became . . .
. . . THIS! A beautiful off-white linen and a whole new support system internally gave this little bench a whole new life!

I forgot to take a before picture of this next chair, but it was a gold brocade channel back affair. A muted tan and white ticking and redesigning the back transformed it into:

I loved the patina of the wood. So I beat it up some more and oiled it!
I love the simplification of the 3 tiny buttons.

This rustic lingerie chest had beautiful glass knobs and had never been painted. Even though I liked the original finish my client envisioned a weathered look:

I still need to snap an after picture of the love seat I finished for the same client. So you’ll have to come back for that. And for those with stout constitutions, I might go into explicit detail about the surprise found inside this guy:

You can also expect a rant about why upholsterers deserve the $ they charge!!! For those of you seriously thinking about taking one of my workshops, I promise to start with something clean and easy! There’s still room in the ottoman class this week for you spontaneous types. Check out my website for times, dates and registration instructions.


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