They’re Here!

After months of planning, false starts and distractions — workshops are finally on the schedule! Not only that but I have secured a funky cool space in a downtown building that I hope to be able to move into full time very shortly. As of now, I have rented the space for 6 workshops scheduled between Aug and Sep. So, for those of you chomping at the bit, August 25 will be the first evening class where you will get to take home your very own custom built ottoman. We’re not talking puny tuffets either, folks. These are chunky, substantial pieces of furniture. Here’s one of my students modeling hers after a class last spring:

Heather seems pretty pleased with the outcome!

I’ve allocated a couple of Sundays per month for the beginning chair upholstery classes. These are all day affairs but so rewarding. It’s even more fun if you come with a friend. All the details can be found on my website

I started my career by taking an upholstery class for fun at BTC here in Bellingham. I remember during the first class the instructor asked if anyone was interested in doing this for a living. My hand remained firmly at my side! I was just doing this to get out of the house when my kids were babies. But there was something about it that kept me coming back semester after semester. Now, because of budget cuts, that class is no longer offered. I’d like to be able to try to fill that void in a way that works for us busy folks.
The Summerland Style upholstery workshops are short and sweet but packed full of tips, tricks and aha! moments. I honestly believe that motivated people willing to roll up their sleeves can create dynamic and uniquely personal spaces with the right skills and professional guidance. The fun class atmosphere and personal satisfaction are bonuses! I hope to hear from many of you very soon. I am happy to answer any and all questions you may have!

4 thoughts on “They’re Here!

  1. Good Time Charlie says:

    I am so happy for you! My paint dealer Annette Shepard with "artistic accent walls" is in the Seattle area as well and I thought one of these days I would get up there to take a class. I will have to coordinate so I can do both! Lots of luck to you, such exciting news!!

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