Junkers Unite!

Ok, junking friends out there, back me up.

I went garage sale-ing with my cousin today in my hometown that I no longer live in. She does. Now you have to understand that this sale we went to is an annual event that covers an entire part of town. Think of it as one of those hundred mile yard sales in one concentrated area. My cousin left with a couple of pristine outfits for her almost 2 year old little girl. I left with junk. Well, garbage, as my cousin called it. Let’s just say that “junking” is not en vogue yet in this town. So, for me, the things that drew me in and called my name were considered junk — not worthy of more than a couple bucks. Score for me!

$24.75 spent and this is what I hauled home:

One huge gold mirror in a pretty, feminine shape, a metal vacuum/sanitizer canister, assorted metal baskets and a whole lot of vintage canvas work aprons. Dreamy.
Care to guess what I paid for this gem? $2. That’s right. I’m thinking lamp — any other suggestions?

I know! $2!!!!

This collection of canvas work aprons show years of wear but they were freshly laundered and I love all the different graphics and styles of aprons. I may keep one or two for myself.

Look at the old time-y phone numbers.
I’m tempted to swap out the mirror for a chalkboard. Thoughts?

The first armfuls we hauled out to the van nearly crippled my cousin with embarrassment. Every time she would pass someone she knew she was quick to point out that she was carrying MY purchases! So funny. So, friends, help me out by drooling over my finds with me and I’ll pass along your sentiments to prove to her that there is a market for this stuff. I’m not sure if I want folks in these parts to “get” this world just yet. I’m sure there’s tons more garbage for me to discover right in my own hometown.


5 thoughts on “Junkers Unite!

  1. Prior says:

    Yes, tell you cousin for me, I think you got fabulous deals. It want be long before the whole country has caught on. Have you seen the layout in Buds and Blooms, with Sue Whitney and all her junk? Anthropologie, Pottery Barn? They all copy us! We, junkers, are the cutting edge of style, lol. While, the mirror would make a great chalk board, I'd sort of hate for you not to keep it a mirror. I'd rather make a chalk board out of a empty frame, that doesn't have much use, but depends on what you want, you got it at such a great price. The best thing will be when you have your treasures fixed up and she will be envious, lolLezlee

  2. Michelle says:

    OHHHH NICE haul! killin me with those aprons ~ I want one…….or ten :)~ Im officially jealous or your booty..hhmmm…well yes you do have a fine booty to go with that sassy hair but I meant the JuNk…hope to see ya soon!

  3. Anna says:

    I guess that's the yard sale to go to! Man, I wish I had that much luck with them. Good finds, good finds. I might be a little jealous.

  4. tnt521 says:

    I adore that over the top mirror as is…but it would make a rad chalkboard as well. And the rest is a wonderful haul! I love what you found! You should be proud…and your cousin should not be embarrased!tammy t

  5. Anonymous says:

    I do hope my cousin makes money on her finds. My vote on the mirror was to turn it into a chalkboard, I agree that would be really cool. But you're all the junkers and the professionals. (you all should have seen the couch she let pass because she didn't know how to get it home, I think you may have all been drooling):-)Cousin

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