Creative Updates

We’ve been having a fun, relaxed summer here in the NorthWest. The sun is finally out and even though our calendar doesn’t have much in the way of official or grand adventures, we’ve been making the most of all the little things. We’re very fortunate that our library’s bookmobile comes every Tuesday, year round, to the fire station that is just yards away from our house. The boys have been reading quite a bit and have both turned their attention to Calvin and Hobbes. You may remember the Garfield craze that overtook Owen this spring? Well, now he’s imagining that he IS Hobbes. We’ll see if it translates into artwork again pretty soon. For now, this is how he’s expressing his interest:

Although Tate’s never been one who’s too interested in art, he has been dabbling, one could say. This is what Scott found on Tate’s knee the other night when the boys were in hysterics:
Strangely, this looks exactly like Tate’s real life “mad face”.

Tate has stepped it up a bit in the realm of helping dad with the treehouse. We’ve made a ton of progress so far and by the end of this week we should have enough finished to warrant an entire slideshow. I know you’re on pins and needles! 


One thought on “Creative Updates

  1. Good Time Charlie says:

    Sounds like a fun summer. I love boy energy. We are full of it here this summer. As I type I am listening to the fine points of Star Wars fighting strategies. Good luck with the Tree House.

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