Marriage Ref — Avoided!

Did anyone watch Jerry Seinfeld’s new show on NBC called the Marriage Ref a couple of months ago? We did and were instant fans. Basically the show’s host and a celebrity panel interview real couples that have that one nagging issue that they can’t seem to settle amongst themselves and decide who should win the argument. Scott and I turned to each other and asked “What’s our one issue?” It didn’t take long to agree that SANDING is our issue.

Now, being in the furniture refurbishing biz along with building, remodeling and re-remodeling our house this issue comes up. A lot. He is for sanding. I am not. It’s not that I don’t understand its necessity — it’s just that I HATE doing it! For me, when I hear “Give it a light sanding” I interpret it as “Go over it half heartedly for less than 30 seconds.” But I will admit after trying every possible way around it, sanding is important. Want proof? Here’s me working on dining room chairs for a client:

Yes, I am wearing a dust mask and yes, the sun IS shining in the northwest and yes, I am wearing a cute little shirt dress and gladiator sandals. It’s better than my jammies that I am usually still sporting at this time of day. At this rate, I will be wearing ear plugs and eye protection before you know it! I can see the smug look on Scott’s face already. I don’t think I’m quite ready to concede all that just yet.

But, for now, Scott Sayers — “You win!”


2 thoughts on “Marriage Ref — Avoided!

  1. Ormolulu says:

    Oh, Nia–I HATE sanding too! Hope 2nd Saturdayz was great for you–hope to participate in September. Have a great summer, now that it's here.Debi

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