Teach ‘Em While They’re Young

I have nothing of significance to report today. I’m once again in that predicament of having work to finish for clients but keep getting sidetracked by the overwhelmingness of my untidy, unorganized, dishes-piled-up abode. I promise you my house does get cleaned sometimes — I think I’m just obsessed with the idea that it should be able to stay that way on its own. My goal for the week is to wrap up all of my custom jobs so that I can start building up my inventory for all the shows I’m looking forward to this summer. I’m talking about you, 2nd Saturdayz.

I’ve realized that in order to clear my plate, I need a little help. So I brought in reinforcements:

This worked like a charm . . . for about 30 seconds and then he was off to find some mud. Oh well. Maybe I can shoot for a whole minute of help this week ; )
Here’s a before shot of this project for my new friend, Neatha. She’s in her 80’s and spunky as can be. I think she’s my new BFF.

4 thoughts on “Teach ‘Em While They’re Young

  1. Good Time Charlie says:

    I love child labor. I employ my 8 year old son from time to time. He was handling my sprayer yesterday better than I was! Then I realized why he was so skilled. He had been practicing with a can of Silver Spray pain on his bike and Pogo Stick. I can honestly say, I bet we are the only people with an all Silver Pogo Stick now.

  2. Summerland Style says:

    Funny Karen! My guys are getting pretty sneaky when it comes to "experimenting" with paint. At least I have 2 sets of blue paint footprints documenting a path of destruction in the garage to remind me of when they didn't know any better!

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