Ch Ch Ch Changes

If I had to choose a word to describe last week it would be Change. Most obviously I changed my hair. I’ve always been a short hair girl and only have grown it long to please hubby. After awhile, though, I just don’t feel like myself and I need a change! So out come the scissors and my mirror configuration and I get to work. I’ve been meaning to have a professional cut my hair for more than 12 years, now — but I get too impatient and I end up figuring it out myself. I went from this last week:
To this:
Just a bit more sassy, don’t you think? I have a chronic problem of people NEVER remembering meeting me. I call it Generic Blond Girl Syndrome. Maybe a cute haircut will do the trick.
The other big change for our family involves my older son’s diagnosis of Celiac Disease this week. I think it sounds worse than it is, but it does involve an entire overhaul of our diet as a family. So we are officially Gluten-Free. I have pictures of his small intestine taken during his endoscopy last week, but I’ll spare any of you squeamish readers!
The final change that occurred last week was my decision to call an end to doing anymore custom upholstery projects. Don’t worry, if you already have a project in the queue, you’re still good. I am just realizing that I need to let go of a few areas in my life that are affecting other areas negatively. As much as the entrepreneur in me wants to grow my business, I am reminded that my family needs the best of me. Especially with new dietary restrictions, I am motivated to do my best to make our meal planning and preparation something to celebrate.
So you’ll still be able to keep up with Summerland Style at occasional sales and markets like 2nd Saturdayz, Fremont Market and Georgetown Saturday Flea Market. I’m excited to be able to work at my own pace on furniture that I am excited about. I hope to introduce a new line of Summerland Style fabric this summer too, so I’ll keep you posted on that. I am also looking towards offering workshops more predictably as I’m getting more requests for them lately. Let me know if that’s something that you’re interested in as that will help me make a few decisions more easily.
Change is good!

7 thoughts on “Ch Ch Ch Changes

  1. AuroraSuzette says:

    Did you do Georgetown? Haven't been yet, but I bet it'll be really good when it gets going. So far, you're the only person I've heard talk about it, almost. The cut looks cute!

  2. Summerland Style says:

    I haven't done Georgetown yet but I got a sort of invitation by email last weekend — that's how I heard about it. Then a few other vendors at Farm Chicks mentioned it too. I am anxious to check it out, though.

  3. Good Time Charlie says:

    So sorry about your son's diagnosis, but I know there are so many wonderful alternatives to Gluten filled foods now. Do you have a "Whole Foods" in your area? They have an entire Gluten Free section. Please let us know if you decide to do any workshops. I think you are in the Seattle area. My husband and I would love to have another excuse to come to that beautiful city. Good luck with the new direction you take your business. PS Totally get the hair thing. I finally went from being a blonde to a dark red haired girl with blonde chunks. I do not cut it myself though, I am really impressed! Wow, that turned out cute!

  4. tnt521 says:

    You look very sassy! And I am very interested in one of your workshops! And checking your booth out at Fremont and Georgetown…and best wishes on becoming gluten free…I'll have to follow up with those cookies for you! ;)tammy t

  5. Ormolulu says:

    Your heart is definitely in the right place–family first. That gluten thing is quite serious–wonder why that's become such a problem in our culture?! Your booth was positively adorable! Thanks for visiting me at The Farm Chicks and Ormolulu! Debi

  6. shakti space designs says:

    i say good for you recognizing the need to honor your family and prioritize your business. love your new haircut – i too have the problem of people never remembering me. can be frustrating because i never forget a face! are you still teaching? (i'm the one that contacted you recently for classes – the girl in portland that can't find friends to upholster with her.) case you haven't discovered her blog… it's so great. my fair warning… stay away from babycakes baking cookbook. beautiful to look at – all the recipes i've tried and others have failed.

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