Where to Start?

I’m back from my big weekend in Spokane at the Farm Chicks annual sale and the number one question as I sit down to sum up is — Where To Start? As usual, I reconnected with old friends and made some new ones. It’s tempting to try to compete with all the other fabulous bloggers out there and post gobs of photos and stories — BUT — I’m too tired and, to be honest, I’m more of a short recap sort of blogger anyway.

We were completely inspired by and in awe of 2 booths in particular. Tim & Lisa of Blue Canoe were, in a word, astonishing. Their personal vibe was laid back California and they were so nice to give me a gift because Scott helped them haul a few things out! I really don’t know where to start in describing their style so here are a few pics.

And the other booth we were gaga over was Junk Girls. Again, Jenny & Melissa’s easy, authentic personalities combined with their talent made these girls so magnetic.

I could go on and on about people and experiences and such from the show, but today I’m back to the normal pace and reality of life. Shows like these can be the catalyst for raising my own personal bar but first, I have to wade through insecurities and doubt. Oh, I’ll rally — but today, while I’m allowing myself a day to rest, I’m wondering if I should cut my hair real short (husband says NOOOOOO!!!)? Why are my eyelids starting to droop? Do other moms who work still do all their normal housework and why can’t I? And do they keep groceries in the house at all times? Should I rent a Rug Doctor or wait to see if someone does that for me for my birthday?
So, I think I’ll take a nap now and look at life again with rested eyes — I’ve got a heavy bar to start raising tomorrow.

8 thoughts on “Where to Start?

  1. tnt521 says:

    Girl…there is no bar for you to raise on yourself. You have it going on in spades. Both in personality, sweetness, and talent. Your booth and items in it were top notch. Love both the booths and the people that you have highlighted here, and think of you right along with them. Looking foward to that coffee with you…right after getting some shut eye..tammy

  2. Jaemi says:

    I vote CUT IT SHORT!! Scott may hate me, but not all women can pull off short hair -and you are definitely one of them!! Plus, it just adds to your funky, coolness, in my opinion :DCongrats on the show and sign me up for coffee when you're done with your show craziness, as well!

  3. Tayebug says:

    Funny I should come across your blog when my daughter in law was just in Spokane for the same reason I believe. We live in the Seattle area.I feel your frustration. All of my neighbors seem to have their houses spotless at any time. I, however, have to have an hours notice if I am going to have company. Oh wellxoxolivinghappyhealthy365.blogspot.com

  4. krys kirkpatrick says:

    I just returned also from doing Farm Chicks…for the first time. I had an amazing experience. I never got to leave my booth so I missed all the action outside of my 10×10 space. Next year…I will bring help, so I can venture out. Love your photos.

  5. Summerland Style says:

    I saw you for a brief second but you were busy and I was on my way somewhere frantically! I'm sorry we missed each other. I heard from friends who were there that your booth was AMAZING. Did you get to meet Dawn from Great Findz who was near you? LOVE her.

  6. AuroraSuzette says:

    So excited to have found you again! You were one of my favorite dealers at the Oct. Funky Junk (you were next to Dawn Oscar!). I bought that fantastic sailboat paint by number and a couple of other things, and have left a couple of messages about those large brown velvet deer! Anyway, where are you next, as I couldn't make it to FC. Great pictures.

  7. Summerland Style says:

    I DO remember you — and I sold 2 more vintage paintbynumbers at Farm Chicks last weekend! I plan to do the 2ndSaturdayz in September. So many scheduling conflicts between now and then. I am also thinking about the Georgetown market and may show up at Fremont from time to time. Say hi when you see me!

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