Kinda Cool

I spent some time yesterday writing about the Funky Junk Sisters Vintage Flea Market that I participated in over the weekend and accidentally ERASED it all just now. So, I’ll post a quick little blip about one of the cool things that happened at the show. Sue Whitney, creator of JunkMarket Style among other junktabulous things, was featured guest at the event. In the world of junking, she’s a recognized celebrity. She gave a seminar on junking tips and tricks before the event started and even during the show on Saturday gathered an assortment of items to demonstrate different ways of looking at things. She has a heavy emphasis on repurposing — as do I — and I was tickled when she asked me if she could use one of my items for her demonstration. Here’ a few shots of her, my circle of A’s art piece and her rapt audience:

If I can recover from my accidental deletion, I’ll introduce you to my new vendor BFF’s and show you some more highlights from the show!


5 thoughts on “Kinda Cool

  1. krys kirkpatrick says:

    I have stumbled into your blog…It is great! I will be a vendor at the farm chicks show for the first time. I hope to run into you and many more fabulous crafter, blogger, junkers!

  2. tnt521 says:

    I just rediscovered your blog and will be working with a gal that will be a first time vendor at the Farm Chicks show this year…also from Bellingham…excited to see you there! And hoping to take a class from you in the future!tammy t

  3. OhPossums Vintage says:

    Hey Nia :)~ looking forward to seeing you next week at Farm Chicks ~ please come by the campground for a cocktail in the prowler!happy junkin ~ M&

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