Summerland Scraps

I’ve been toying with the idea of opening a second Etsy shop filled with things that I make from my leftover upholstery project scraps. Thinking about calling it Summerland Scraps — I’ve already mentally designed the shop banner. I’ve spent the last few days trying to perfect my take on an admittedly popular idea — fabric flowers. They’re everywhere these days. But after coming up with a pattern and technique that’s a hybrid of a few styles, I’ve come up with what I think is a cute lapel pin or hair clip or headband attachment. Heck, maybe I’ll even make a few wrist corsages!

This pin is made with scraps of an organic herringbone pattern cotton with a vintage fabric-covered button in the center. I intentionally left the edges frayed, but my husband seems to get tripped up on this detail when prompted for his opinion. Two direct quotes from him: “You have to admit that fabric doesn’t seem very flower – y.” And, “Well, I’m not really your target audience.”
This is another oversize brooch made with the same herringbone in the center and a really high quality cotton gingham check that I’ve had in my scrap bag forever. I used it to partially upholster this really wild chair a few years back:
Here’s another pink check style:
I picked up a collection of medium sized scraps at a garage sale last summer that included this super 70’s print:
Anyhoo — I don’t care what my non-target-audience thinks. These will be available at my booth in the Funky Junk Sisters show the weekend of the 14/15 if you care at all about proving my husband wrong 😉

5 thoughts on “Summerland Scraps

  1. Good Time Charlie says:

    I love these? How much will you sell them for? Can I buy the Herringbone one?Laughing at what your husband said. Wow, could have been my husband as to the comment of "not your target audience". Mostly he just throws up his hands and says, "You know what sells, I am not a woman and have no clue". By the way, that chair is adorable! Quite the talent you have.

  2. Krista Schei says:

    How much are these?? I LOVE the herringbone and pink checked ones… all of them. I'll be sure to get a few next time I see you — I'd wear them all the time… give them as gifts, etc. Great job, Nia.

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