Remnants of A Homebound Weekend

You’d think that by now, being a native Washingtonian, I’d be immune to yucky weather. Not so, I guess. This weekend was rainy, drizzly, sprinkly, blustery and just plain wet. It’s weekends like these that make us really wonder why we haven’t installed a fireplace yet. So we stayed in, took a break from house projects and pretty much did nothing. And this is what the house looks like after an entire weekend of doing nothing:

Let’s take a tour, shall we? Jenga blocks (the bane of most mothers’ existence), eleven painted Garfield scenes, empty Trader Joe’s Snap Pea Crisp bag, Guesstures (complete with 300 scattered cards), library books and a jar of tadpoles.

The dining room table represents only the work of 2 people — Mom and Owen. And I even cleared the table at one point during the weekend. Let’s snoop a little closer here:

I was excited that Owen wanted to explore painting his Garfield creations — adding to his artistic repertoire . . . not so excited about how much paint never made it onto a page.

These are reusable party hats made from vintage wallpaper. I’m experimenting with this idea, so there’s no assembly line precision yet. I still need to add some trim — but I’d welcome any feedback on this project. Do you think they’re cute? Would you buy them?

Oooooohhhhh! Huge ball of twine! All you crafters out there, I hear you drooling over this. It’s actually twine for tying furniture springs, but I’m using it for something much cuter.
Here’s another party hat idea using vintage fabrics. Still need to add a bit more trim, but these are micro-mini. Insane? Or just quirky enough to indulge?
Well, off to get some billable work done. I’ll clean up this mess later.

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