Teacher Appreciation

Next week is Teacher Appreciation Week. I know because, along with the pile-o-papers that come home in my kids’ backpacks, I found a little half sheet of paper giving the breakdown of events planned for next week. Stapled to the half sheet was a full size blank sheet of paper that each kid is supposed to make into a card to give to their teacher. I asked Owen (my kindergartener and artist) if he would like to make his teacher a card and he sat right down and went to work.

Now, I should tell you that Owen has been somewhat obsessed the last several weeks (maybe months, now) with Garfield. He checks out books from the library that are compilations of the Garfield comic strips and devours them. He spends hours (usually in bed when he’s supposed to be going to sleep) drawing his own versions of Garfield. What’s most impressive for this little 6 year old is that he doesn’t copy what he sees, he is inspired to create new stories using the formula he’s able to extract. It’s pretty amazing.
So this teacher’s card is no exception:
There. A little bragging from this proud mama to start off my Wednesday morning! By the way I wrote to Jim Davis (creator of Garfield) and Owen got a signed print in the mail. We framed it and he kept it by his bedside along with the standard response letter. He was over the moon. Or maybe more appropriately, in this case, over the lasagna.

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