One Reason I Love Etsy

Etsy is an online global marketplace for all things handmade. And as someone with an Etsy shop myself, I have to say it is AMAZING! It blows my mind how I get to meet people literally from all over the world who like what I do! It definitely makes the 24/7 nature of being a business owner worth it.

Recently a customer bought two of my giant orange letters that I have for sale in my shop. She included a story about how she wanted them for her engagement photos shoot which was coming up shortly. I shipped them off, wished her well and asked if she would email me a photo of the letters in action. Not many people follow through with the promise of sending pics, but this girl did!

Not only did she email me the photos, she informed me they’d be published on two popular wedding blogs. She is too adorable for words and TINY! She only stands a bit taller than the 4 foot tall letter D (for Danni). I think her fiance’s name is Nick. How great to be a small part of her adventure!

One thought on “One Reason I Love Etsy

  1. Prior says:

    so adorable, I like their banner too! I'm so glad she followed through and sent these pics to you. I LOVE LOVE those letters, how huge! Lezlee

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