A Little Darling Loveseat

Sometimes the success of a project is directly proportional to the state it is in when I begin my work. My latest case in point is this cute little loveseat that I reupholstered for a local preschool. Looking at the “before” pictures, it’s easy to understand why it was always draped in a sheet.



So sad.
But it was obvious that it had really good bones and was worth reviving. I just kept thinking of this little seat as the once-perky, cute-as-a-button popular girl who just gave up and let herself go. Really go. Well, a little nip and tuck can go a long way. Here she is now:

So back she goes to A Little Darling School where she can show off her new figure. Now if she gets covered by a sheet, it’ll be to shield her from the slings and arrows inherent in a preschool classroom — not because we can’t bear looking at her! Another extreme makeover complete!

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