It’s A Different World

If anyone remembers the Cosby Show spin-off It’s A Different World, then you’re probably around my age. We didn’t get NBC at my house when I was growing up, so sometimes my aunt would record this and other NBC shows for me and I’d watch the VHS cassettes over and over. So many things were intriguing to me about this show that it kept me coming back for more — urban living, cutting edge clothing, Lisa Bonet’s beauty and style — I just loved it all. But it was completely different than my real life. I lived a country, clearance priced clothing, never-satisfied-with-my-hair, let’s-try-to-design-and-sew-my-own-clothes kind of life. These lifestyles were extreme opposites but I could appreciate them both.

Such as it is with my current appreciation for the way I decorate my own home and the junk shows that I love to participate in so much. You might say that my personality is somewhat split here. My own home that my husband and I designed and built has an industrial vibe (concrete floors, exposed ducting, open plan, clean mid-century modern furniture mixed in with repurposed and sentimental elements). But the markets that I participate in are a cottage style, shabby chic, junky-glam lover’s dream come true.

I think the reason I keep doing these shows are threefold:
1) On a whim I decided to see if I could fill a booth at The Farm Chicks’ Antique Show in Spokane several years ago and my business was serendipitously born! (Thanks to Teri and Serena for taking a chance on me!)
2) I live in a household with 3 other boys! Sometimes a girl needs to be surrounded by all things girly and pretty.
3) The vendors at these shows are QUALITY people. I’ve forged lifelong friendships from the start and continue to be amazed at how encouraging this community of women are to each other. Here are just three examples of amazing shows that are not to be missed:

My friends Hollie and Jennifer put on a great show in Spokane twice a year called Funky Junk Antique Show. They were both my neighbors at my first Farm Chicks show in 2005 and I love how their own show is one of the go-to shows for serious junkers.

It’s almost impossible to speak of junking in the Pacific NorthWest without mention of The Farm Chicks show. This one is epic and huge and almost beyond words. And yet, organizer Serena Thompson makes each vendor feel genuinely welcomed.

The third show (and there are more and more popping up that seem to raise the already excellent bar) is the Funky Junk Sisters show in Puyallup. This one is much more convenient for me being only 2 hours away as opposed to 6! I’m gearing up to participate again May 14 and 15 and my wheels are already turning for my booth design. Proceeds from this one go to breast cancer research to boot.

So there you go for those of you who are curious about this world of junking. Even though this way of shopping might be different than what you’re used to, it’s definitely worth a dabble. You’ll come away encouraged and inspired if nothing else. I’ve even heard that Lisa Bonet has been spotted at a funky market or two ; )


One thought on “It’s A Different World

  1. Prior says:

    Hopping over from JMS… I love your office space… and read your last entry about the church chairs, so cool. I bought a Paul McCobb Planner Group desk and credenza the other day for five bucks. People just don't know! Lezlee

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