Holy Chair!

I just wrapped up a HUGE contract job for a church in downtown Bellingham. They wanted their wooden pews upholstered. All 32 of them. Before Easter – April 4th this year. I started the job on March 16th! It was all such a blur that I really don’t know how I did it. I had some help from my apprentice Anna. But it’s officially finished and the bottoms of those who attend First Baptist Church are happy.

One of the perks of this job was that I was able to rescue some furniture that was being thrown out during their top to bottom cleaning of the church. Each time a chair was headed for the dump my friend Shelley would call and ask me if I wanted it. Always, sight unseen, I would say YES! This is the latest chair I dragged home from there:

And you know what? I’m NOT going to reupholster it! This time, because the fabric is in such good shape and such a great color, I’m going to steam clean it and touch up the wood with some good ole Restore-A-Finish. Sometimes even upholsterers don’t recommend reupholstery.

One thought on “Holy Chair!

  1. judi says:

    hi nia,i stopped by your blog via your post on JMS. i love your style and how you re-use items for new purposes. i also want to say welcome to JMS – i'm sure you'll love it there. the creativity that flows there is addictive.your son's room is pretty awesome and i congratulate you for finding your niche in the field of design…you have such talent.judi ;)the1829farmhouse.blogspot.comitsnotjunk2me (on JMS)

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