Anatomy of A Spontaneous Design Project

I am not exaggerating when I say that EVERY room in my house needs some redoing. Some have projects that we thought we would get to 7 years ago when we built the place, I’m curious about trying some ideas in some rooms, other rooms have ideas I was once curious about that need to be fixed and still more projects have to do with my unquenchable desire to get things perfectly organized and efficient. This morning, feeling overwhelmed at my decidedly UNorganized, INefficient house — I decided to tackle the smallest room in the house in order to feel some sense of accomplishment. I chose the powder room. So as to demystify the design process, here’s a peak into my day.

This room contained a project that I thought I would get to shortly after we moved in when my now 7 1/2 year old was only 5 months old! I shoved all my cosmetics/hair accoutrements/soaps/lotions etc… into the antique vanity that we modified to fit the powder room sink. I’ve never once organized or purged it which I will blame for my lack of motivation to apply makeup on a regular basis.

Here’s how it looked this morning:

I took down the mirror and hung it in the entryway a couple of weeks ago. And that little shelf started to become a depository for all the knick knacks that I don’t know what to do with. And talk about dust! Part of my burst of energy with this project is that I want to get every room in order so that I can come up with a manageable cleaning routine. Ok, stop laughing. It’s a dream ok?

Originally I wanted to put up weathered boards to create a wainscotting on the bottom and use some of the vintage wallpaper that I still have for the area above. So I got out the wallpaper and went to work. Next slide please:

Hmmm. Something’s not quite right . . . I don’t think I have the right wallpaper paste. Bummer. Plan B. How about I transform the space withOUT using wallpaper or wainscotting or even paint for that matter? Ok, so let’s keep the curry yellow (BTW, yellow is my grandma Johnson’s favorite color and I initially dedicated this bathroom to her because she insisted that we put in this powder room. Thus all the farm paraphernalia.)

I finally went through the vanity drawers and was pleased as punch that all 4 drawers accommodated everything I actually need. This is MY bathroom — I don’t share with any boys! They get the upstairs one and I don’t go in there much. Plus I’ve been wanting to showcase some of the vintage jewelry my grandma gave me awhile back. So at the end of the day, this is how my spontaneously redesigned powder room looks:

So I guess I call this look Farmhouse Granny Chic. I suppose it’s kind of a funny place to showcase old family photos but I’m kinda going for a gallery effect on this wall. I’m going to add to it so that it’s obviously light hearted over the top. I think I can dig out some more frames and photos tomorrow. So, once I repaint the baseboards, I can officially cross this room off the list. Done. For now. . .

2 thoughts on “Anatomy of A Spontaneous Design Project

  1. Irena says:

    Hi Nia! I have as well several unfinished house projects since we moved in, and understand the pressure. But you have to do it when it feels right, I guess. I love what you did with your powder room. Like the yellow walls, little rock poem on the wall, and even cow on the family photo wall…part of the family that one? ;)The amazing how little changes make things work together better.

  2. PrairieGarden-Liane says:

    I feel your pain and triumphs! So glad to see someone else in search of the efficient and appealing (okay, and clean would be oh so nice) home…and taking a few years longer to get there than planned. :-)Congrats on being the focus of today's Etsy Finds. Especially love the little shelves in the kitchen and the beautiful windows. Often dream of converting an industrial garage into a home. Well done!

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