A Little Bit of Progress Goes A Long Way

Maybe it’s just me but no matter how much I accomplish I still feel lazy. Maybe it’s because the amount of things I pile on my to-do plate is always disproportionate to what is humanly possible. Oh yeah, and I also have a husband and two kids to feed/direct/reprimand/encourage/feed again . .  . you get the picture. So this weekend we managed to make strides in Owen’s submarine themed room. I have the distinct feeling that this is an open-ended affair. I shouldn’t complain, though, as he is being adamant about keeping his room spotless — going so far as to will himself to sleep solidly in one position so as not to untuck his bedding. He’s been regaling his kangaroo friends with stories of the undersea adventures going on outside his faux portholes. It’s pretty precious.

I also managed to set up part of my pumphouse office AND spray paint my chandelier. I hung it up but it still needs to be wired.

Last week I set part of my pumphouse up for a photo shoot that showcases my faux hunting lodge. A similar setup was in the ReStore window last month but I forgot to photograph it. The antlers are made from scraps of vinyl from another project, wired with rebar wire, stuffed with plastic grocery bags and mounted to fencepost caps. The longhorn employs a section of cardboard tubing that my fabrics come on and a piece of scrap beadboard from a freepile.  The fake polar bear rug is my attempt to reconcile a purchase that didn’t pan out as I had hoped. I love the look of these flokati wool rugs, but they are terrible to vacuum or hand wash at the full 5 X 8 size. Cut down into the shape of the bear makes it a little more easy to roll up and wash and it’s funky to boot.

We’ll see if I feel more productive now that I have an official office to escape to. One glitch in the plan, however, was that I discovered that our wireless internet doesn’t reach to the pumphouse. We can move the wireless “thing” closer but it will require figuring out how to add a plug-in. Guess we’ll just add that to the list.


2 thoughts on “A Little Bit of Progress Goes A Long Way

  1. Ashley Padgett says:

    Gorgeous! You are welcome to come to my place to do my house anytime…in between the feeding/directing/reprimanding/encouraging/ and feeding…lol! Just Kidding! I love your stuff though and will take the inspiration into my own home! 🙂

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