Putting My Degree To Work

How many of us are working in the fields that our college degrees are in? (Obviously mine isn’t English since I have a hanging preposition or something like it in the previous sentence . . . ) I graduated with a degree in Communication from Western Washington University with a concentration in Broadcasting. Technically, since they did away with the Broadcasting program the year I graduated, my specific degree is Interpersonal Communication. But I did the bulk of my credits in the Broadcasting arena — including an awesome internship at KING 5 tv’s sketch comedy show, Almost Live!

Looking back, I wish I would’ve delved a little deeper into the television world, but I just wasn’t ready emotionally. I may have mentioned before that I’m a late bloomer. But I have wanted to be a television anchor person since my 3rd grade’s gifted program (to which I belonged only one year — another story for another time) produced a news program at our local television station back in the late seventies. I was a designated anchor since I have always been able to read with great expression and was a fearless performer. I can even remember seeing Diane Sawyer on television back then and thinking, “That’s who I want to be when I grow up!”

Well, long story short, life happens, you forget your childhood longings and self-consciousness starts to creep in and you find yourself in your 30’s at home with two babies and start to wonder — “Is this really it?” For me, that sparked enough motivation to explore some things I had always been curious about. Fortunately the first thing I tried — upholstery — ended up being something that has taken on a life and passion of its own and I am a little bit astounded that I am still so passionate about it. But a few years ago I was reminded of my long-standing desire to be on television.

Our local tv station, KVOS 12 in Bellingham, WA has begun producing a program called Experience NorthWest hosted by Deb Slater. They were kind enough to have me come into their studio to tape some segments showcasing some of my re-purposing projects. It was an enormous amount of fun and Deb was so casual and easy to interact with. I’ll let you know the air dates and post the video when they’re finished. But for now, here’s a few pics from this morning’s shoot.

It was a great first step back into the television arena. I think I’ll get a few more under my belt before I start gunning for Diane Sawyer’s gig 😉


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