Surprisingly Easy (& Cheap Too!)

Sometimes inspiration for my display windows are obvious and immediate and other times . . . it   takes   time. What happens more often than not is that I think through an idea over and over and then buckle down to get it done in the hours leading up to the switching out of the window. Problem with that approach is that 9 times out of 10, it seems, my ideas crumble in a heap of frustration and never actually come to fruition. Just look at the heaps of half finished “good ideas” that litter my workspace if you don’t believe me.

This time, however, was that one time out of ten that surprisingly and happily worked out as well as I had envisioned. I have been wanting to try out a wall treatment that has a large graphic impact. More than that I wanted it to be EASY — easier and cleaner than paint even. Then it came to me — contact paper.

First I came up with a shape that would be simple to repeat and tie into the mid-century modern vibe that I’m partial to. I decided on an octagon and got to work cutting out dozens from my one roll of $4 white contact paper. I wasn’t sure how it would stick to a textured drywall, but was pleasantly surprised that it adhered perfectly. Of course, not one to actually measure anything I opted for a random splattering of octagons.

My next course of action was to finish filling out the space. All I knew was that I wanted it to be a breakfast nook — a bright, happy place to start each day. I trolled my small inventory of finished products and laughed out loud a little when I discovered that the chair I wanted to use in the vignette had an octagon pattern! Totally subliminal.

Let me know what projects you come up with using contact paper. It’s a very satisfying application!


3 thoughts on “Surprisingly Easy (& Cheap Too!)

  1. Elizabeth Maxson says:

    Oooh, I love this idea! It turned out great!! The colors are great, but I love how you solved the problem with contact paper. I can soooo relate to having so many ideas for a window, and then just having them just crumble (in my case because of lack of time, or not finding the "perfect" thing I had in mind, or not enough energy to see it through). But your window looks fab! Thanks for sharing – and I peeked into Etsy and fell in love with your settee – big fan of those, as you know, I am sure. Thanks for stopping by to chat – glad to visit your blog :-)LoveElizabeth

  2. Summerland Style says:

    Hey B'ham Bedients — Believe it or not that's a stock fabric at JoAnn's. It's along the back wall of the store and there are usually several colorways to choose from in that pattern. I carry a small collection of fabrics but none are cool modern like that. You can check out Custom Cushions (same building as Dream On Futon) and Rachel can help you out or an online place I like is They sell designer fabric that is being discontinued or on the verge of being thrown out and usually have a great selection of retro inspired fabrics. Good luck and let me know if you have any other questions.

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