Only My Child

I guess you can tell which kids grow up in homes where the parents are entrepreneurs and/or small business owners. They’re the ones, like my son Owen, who create “coupons” for their parents to mail out to people. Kinda like this one:

I mentioned in my last entry that Owen is working on a large scale mural for his bedroom. Long story short, I bought the wrong kind of paint and we have to prime over it and repaint it, BUT . . . I think it’s going to be even better with some new ideas we’ve generated. I have to admit I got ahead of myself with having him sketch out his plans before painting a base color first. Here’s a few shots of him in action.

As soon as Tate saw that paint would be added to the equation, he stepped right up and started stripping down. That’s another side effect of working for yourself in a creative field. My kids are conditioned to either a) get paint clothes on when they want to pitch in or b) strip down to their underwear. Tate prefers the latter . . .


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