New Year, Endless Possibilities

So I know it’s mid-January already but I figure a happy new year salutation is still appropriate and appreciated. Summerland Style is off and running in 2010 with some exciting things in the queue. In the next couple of weeks I’m scheduled to tape some segments at our local tv station KVOS as a guest on the Experience NorthWest show with Deb Slater highlighting some repurposed design projects. I’ll be sure and let you know when they air.

My contract with the Re Store is still providing me with opportunities to push the creative re-use envelope. I plan to post my next blog on the window that I just changed out. Two words  —  contact paper. And I’ll leave it at that. . .

I have started a new apprentice, Anna, who is excited to learn all the ins and outs of upholstery and all the other things I have my fingers in. She used to be our babysitter way back in the day and I’m so excited to have her back in our lives. She brings an enthusiasm and eagerness to my world and I am looking forward to teaching her all that I know. And then, in week 2, we’ll Google some more advanced upholstery techniques 😉

My own goal for my business this year is to post products more frequently on Etsy. I plan to introduce a line of wall mounted headboards and large ottomans this year. And I’m also thinking about applying to our Farmer’s Market. All you B’hammers reading this, I’d love your thoughts on this. I’m still on the fence but leaning toward going for it.

As always, I currently have a handful of custom clients who are delightfully quirky and enjoyable. I LOVE meeting people and becoming a part of their lives while I’m working for them. There’s something so satisfying in solving a problem or finding the perfect fabric or wallpaper that captures the feeling that they are looking to achieve. I wholeheartedly believe that being thoughtful about the things a person chooses to surround him/herself with is fundamental to a happy and balanced life.

My guys continue to be a source of joy, challenge and inspiration. Tate is growing up SO FAST that it makes my head spin. He is a math lover and is so affectionate. Mama’s boy for sure but I’m keeping my fingers crossed that he’ll always be that. These photos are courtesy of my friend Krista Schei who I look forward to collaborating with this year.

Owen continues to amaze me at his eagerness to embrace everything that catches his notice. His artistic ability still astounds us — in fact he’s in the process of designing an underwater sea adventure mural for his room. Of course that’s another project on our list but when it’s done it will be pretty impressive. We’re also embarking on an enrichment project with some of his kindergarten classmates to create, produce and  videotape a weather report. It should be pretty fun.

Hopefully the vintage trailer projects will find completion this year. I have plans for both! And I’m happy to report that the pumphouse is 99% done. I’ll post pics of that soon. Scott’s raring to move onto the next phase of the 3 story treehouse. It’s next in line for some serious progress. So, that at least scratches the surface for all that’s going on in Summerland. Here’s wishing everyone a happy, healthy, productive & beautiful 2010!!


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