Usually the projects I get most excited about involve swapping out a boring fabric for a vibrant new one. I love to use my friend Jody’s settee as the prime example. There was nothing wrong with the fabric on it originally — it was just out of date and a little blah. One trip to my favorite local fabric shop, Custom Cushions, and this bold microfiber nearly jumped out and knocked us out — in a good way. It was the quickest fabric selection I’ve ever been a part of and the little settee has garnered much attention since its transformation.

Today, however, I am giddy over my latest custom project for a completely different reason. I reupholstered the family sofa for my new friend Amy and her family consisting of 1 husband, 2 boys aged 9 & 7, 1 little girl 3 yrs old and a rowdy family dog. She was tired of the loose cushions spending more time on the floor or being used as weapons of mass destruction than on the sofa itself. It was a good, solid, designer sofa that even came with a custom slip cover. The down side to the slip cover, while great in theory, was wrestling the mammoth couch in order to get it off and washed. The cushions are made with down feathers, too, which means you need some serious muscle just to zip off the covers on the smaller cushions.

The fabric choice here was everything aforementioned in mind. We chose a brown, textured chenille. Not the most exciting thing in the world, but very practical — and soft too. It should last for years and years. Now the thing I am most excited to share with you is the nip and tuck that I gave this guy. No more loose cushions! Check it out:

Now, onto my next transformation — and this one’s going to blow your mind!


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