Breaking Even

I’ve been participating in junk shows for about 4 years now and if I’ve learned anything it’s this: don’t shop at the show! It’s a catch-22. My fellow vendors’ booths are amazing, inspiring and chock full of things I wish I would’ve found myself. Some things practically scream my name. Yet the main reason I even have a booth is that I need to make money. The worst part is that the shows I make the least amount of money on are the ones I allow myself to shop. It’s a pick-me-up for my own slow sales, I guess.

So here are some pics of my wares from this past weekend’s show in Puyallup:

But what’s even more exciting than that are my purchases “for my guys”. I thought my older son Tate would love these awesome painted and framed antlers.
I was convinced that my little guy Owen would be overjoyed with a poster of the anatomy of a dogfish (photo coming soon — I left it at my in-laws) And Scott would be sure to appreciate the humor and design possibilities in this old cow bell (when “Bruce Dickinson wants more cowbell. . . “)
Imagine my surprise when the kids were more interested in the plastic Halloween bucket that my friend left in the van after a nutritious Jack In the Box meal we scarfed down while setting up for the show! Kids!

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