New Display Window

About a year ago I began contracting with our local salvage center – the ReStore – to create a window display for them about every 6 weeks or so. This was a dream for me as it finally gave me a canvas to showcase some of the ideas I feel compelled to try out on an all-too-regular basis. I have given myself the challenge of coming up with 3 to 4 projects united around a common theme. Currently the original window sports art, lighting and furniture created with typography. It’s called Graphic Punch.

Recently, the ReStore added another display window to my plate. This past weekend I was able to install it and while I’m going to try to get some more pictures of it, here’s a sampling. The project medium here is vintage wallpaper. I show how to dress up plain closet doors using the frame of a cheapy-cheap wardrobe mirror, hollow core bi-fold door & some mod toile wallpaper. I also created a faux fireplace backed with another toile-like print, fluted molding & an old doorway header. And the final project is simply amping up little lampshades with wallpaper and pom pom fringe.

If you like these ideas and products, come see me this Friday or Saturday at the Funky Junk Sisters show in Puyallup at the South Hill Mall. Let’s talk junk!


3 thoughts on “New Display Window

  1. Summerland Style says:

    FJS was terrible for sales but got to know a few acquaintances much better and had a blast. I did pick up the sofa and just recently found fabric. I've got about 4 custom orders to finish and then I'll tackle the sofa. Looks like the Swine flu found our house, though and sick little kiddos make working a little tricky šŸ˜‰

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