We knew the rain was coming. So we made a major push toward getting the pumphouse finished. When we started building this (3 years ago) it was at most a 4 week project. Ahem. . . fast forward 3 years and a lot of reasons why the project stalled so long and we’re in the home stretch. We estimate nearly 90% of the materials are salvaged and most are free. When it’s done it will serve as my office — mostly because I need a physical separation between my work and my house. Otherwise I will stay in my jammies all day. If you don’t believe me, check out all the paint I’ve managed to get all over every pair of jammies I own. My bathrobe is my downfall. It’s the first thing I put on and it’s SO WARM that I can’t bring myself to take it off. So I usually paint and upholster in a dashing leopard print fleece robe. Now there’s a visual for you. Other times I’ll don my lovely coveralls that have my name embroidered in pink on the front.

The pumphouse will also be a mini-showroom for my finished projects while they await a buyer. It’s the only way I can keep dirty little 6 & 7 year old hands and feet off them.

So the rain came and we’re not quite finished but we’re still on a roll. I’ll post more pics as we take them.


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