Tree House

I mentioned in the last entry that we are in the middle of a treehouse building project. Actually, “middle” might be an overstatement. We are somewhere in the midst of a treehouse building project. Anyone who knows my husband knows that he can’t do anything predictable or boring. (That could also be translated “anything that has an end-point or a formula”). He also dislikes 90˚ angles — instead opting for organic shapes whenever possible.

The reasons for the treehouse are 3-fold: We needed to clear out the garage so that I could have a functional workspace for my business. So the main level is a garden/tool shed. The second reason is that we have 2 boys and every boy needs a treehouse right? And lastly, we needed a project that would use most of the salvage materials we’ve been collecting over the years. We’re the people that other people call when they’re cleaning out their own garages so we get a lot of stuff dropped off here. It can get out of control.

The most amazing thing about this project so far is that with the exception of the concrete mix, we have spent $0. All materials have been salvaged or we’ve used credit at our salvage store. The bulk of the materials came from a fire station that my husband helped to dismantle. So, here’s the treehouse as it stands now. Quick vote, when do you think the treehouse will be finished? Oh, the “fort” portion of the structure will be a second story affair. So, there’s one more level to be framed.


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