Happy Birthday To Me?

I know what you must be thinking . . . but I actually have been wanting a vintage travel trailer to renovate for quite some time now. I didn’t know I wanted two, however. Such is the timing with Craigslist replies, I guess. And to say that a little bit of work will be involved is an understatement. That’s the only way we know how to do things.

So this first trailer (which was free) is an early 70’s model that I plan to trick out and use as our summer camping trailer. Our family has an annual trip in the summertime so it’ll definitely be used at least once a year! It has a bathroom and kitchenette and sleeps 4 comfortably — er . . . will sleep 4 comfortably.

And this second trailer (which was also free) is a 1958 Oasis that was already completely gutted. I plan to make this into my mobile showroom for Summerland Style. So, the only caveat is that until our garden shed/tree house is finished being built, it’s hands off these trailers. We keep saying that we won’t start a new project until the unfinished ones are crossed off, but we’re pretty rebellious, I guess.


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